Orchestra members

The Gürzenich Orchestra Cologne presents approximately 50 symphonic concerts at the Cologne Philharmonie and plays around 160 opera performances at the Cologne Opera every year. It is one of the largest orchestras in Germany, with 130 musicians from eleven different countries. In addition, every two years up to fifteen young talents will be a part of the Academy of the Gürzenich Orchestra and take part in rehearsals, symphony concerts and opera performances. This programme is made possible through the substantial support of the Cologne Concert Society.

Musicians from a wide range of musical backgrounds come together in the Gürzenich Orchestra Cologne. What they all have in common is the decision to pursue an artistic career at an early age and a commitment to music that extends far beyond playing in the orchestra. Many appear as soloists and play in chamber music ensembles or hold professorships or teaching appointments at German and international schools of music.

(c)Holger Talinski