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Focus Schumann

Chamber concert 3

Works of Schumann and Mendelssohn Bartholdy
  • 01.12.2018 Saturday 15:00 h, Kölner Philharmonie Order online

Robert Schumann Quartet C minor for piano, violin, viola and cello (1828/29)
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Piano Quartet No. 2 in F minor op. 2 (1823)
Robert Schumann Quartet E-flat major op. 47 for piano, violin, viola and cello (1842)

Anna Heygster Violin
Nathan Braude Viola
Katharina Apel-Hülshoff Cello
Megumi Hashiba Piano

Robert Schumann’s Piano Quartet Op. 47 is undoubtedly one of the major works of the Romantic era. It is unique how everything here is interwoven with everything else, and the entire work seems “cast in one piece”. No one knew better than Felix Mendelssohn how much painstaking work was behind the piece: he was shadowing Schumann when, after private performances, he kept improving it. Already in his first precocious works, Mendelssohn too succeeded with this line-up of instruments. In contrast, Schumann’s Quartet in C minor is hardly known; though it was not published while he was alive, he nonetheless commented that from there “a new poetic life” seemed to reveal itself to him.