(c)Holger Talinski

Chamber concert 2

Works of Glinka, Gabaye, Castérède and Hartmann
  • 18.11.2017 Saturday 15:00 h, Kölner Philharmonie
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Anthony Plog »Trio for Brass« for trumpet, bugle and trombone
Michail Glinka »Trio pathétique« in D minor for clarinet, bassoon and piano (1832)
Pierre Gabaye »Récréation« for trumpet, French horn, trombone and piano (1958)
Jacques Castérède Sonatine for trumpet, trombone and piano (1953)
Karl Amadeus Hartmann Tanzsuite for clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, French horn and trombone (1931)

Tino Plener Clarinet
Thomas Jedamzik Bassoon
Simon de Klein Trumpet
Andreas Jakobs Cornet
Carsten Luz Trombone
Mio Kurihara Piano
Yoshiko Hashimoto Piano

»That really is despair!« The wind players at La Scala in Milan who performed the composer’s Trio pathétique with him were impressed. Glinka had, in opera style, depicted his lovesickness in music: »I have known love only by the sorrows which it caused«, he wrote on the cover of the score. The chamber music concert with unusual wind combinations culminates in Karl Amadeus Hartmann’s Tanzsuite, which captures the dazzling spirit of the Roaring Twenties: between quickstep and brass band, folk dance and jazz.