Gürzi(c)René Siepmann

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Anniversary concert

20 years of Ohrenauf!
  • 25.01.2019 School concert 11:30 h, Kölner Philharmonie
  • 27.01.2019 Family concert 11:00 h, Kölner Philharmonie Order online

Gürzenich-Orchester Köln
Hossein Pishkar Conductor

»Who stole Gürzi's catchy tune?«

It’s Gürzi’s birthday and a celebration is due. All his friends have shown up and are in high spirits. Really, all of his friends? No! Now, of all days, Gürzi is feeling awfully low: someone stole his Ohrwurm – and without him, try as he might, he cannot celebrate. Together with Cologne kids, the audience and the Gürzenich Orchestra Cologne, Gürzi embarks on an adventurous search. Can the party be saved? We will celebrate together at the anniversary concert for Ohrenauf!, reviewing the best moments from 20 years of Ohrenauf!