Flora Köln(c)Köln Kongress

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Flora concert 3

Works of Bach, Mozart and Bruckner
  • 23.06.2019 Sunday 11:00 h, Flora Köln, Festsaal Order online

Johann Sebastian Bach Two-Part Invention No. 8 BWV 779 (1723)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart/Wilhelm Friedemann Bach Adagio and Fugue for String Trio No. 6 KV 404a (about 1782)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Adagio and Fugue for String Quartet KV 546 (1788)
Anton Bruckner String Quintet F major WAB 112 (1879)

Anna Heygster Violin
Dylan Naylor Violin
Antje Kaufmann Viola
Martina Horejsi-Kiefer Viola
Katharina Apel-Hülshoff Cello

“If the only thing Bruckner had ever written had been the slow movement to his string quintet, his reputation would have been secured for all time,” Bruckner’s contemporaries said. This Flora concert, recounting the fascination for Bach’s universe, culminates in Bruckner’s only string quintet. No less a figure than Mozart studied the scores of Bach and his sons by arranging them for strings. Mozart’s Adagio and Fugue for String Quartet even surpasses his ingenious role models by wedding traditional technique and modern subjectivity with each other. And even without an orchestra, Bruckner always touches the gates to paradise.