Flora concert 2

Works of Ravel and Messiaen
  • 04.03.2018 Sunday 11:00 h, Flora Köln, Festsaal
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Maurice Ravel Trio A minor for violin, cello and piano
Olivier Messiaen »Quatuor pour la fin du temps« for clarinet, violin, cello and piano

Blaž Šparovec Clarinet
Jordan Ofiesh Violin
Bonian Tian Violoncello
Toni Ming Geiger Piano

Completed and premiered in a POW camp: the apocalyptic title of Olivier Messiaen’s »Quartet for the End of Time« seems to be reflected in the conditions of its origin. »Never have I been listened to with such attention and such understanding«, the composer later recalled. In addition to this key work of the 20th century, you can hear Ravel’s Piano Trio, written immediately after the outbreak of the First World War. »I have never worked with more insane, more heroic intensity.« Defying the course of the world with beauty.