Spatial sound experiments – where else than in the Kölner Philharmonie! For his Köln premiere, French composer Philippe Manoury is creating complex sensory listening experiences by having musicians positioned in the space communicate with each other in ingeniously layered sounds and patterns. In Philippe Manoury’s Composition RING (circle) the whole concert hall becomes a stage. 107 musicians on 15 different positions form  a circle around the audience. Only a small part of the orchestra sits on the podium. The soundscape slowly opens as the audience enters the hall. Composed moments blend with the conversations of the audience and the warm up of the orchestra.

When does the concert actually start? 


Philippe Manoury, »RING« (Premiere) work commissioned by Gürzenich-Orchesters Köln

Gürzenich-Orchester Köln
François-Xavier Roth, Conductor

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Get to know more about the development of the spatial sound experiment »RING« in a documentation with our »Composer for Cologne« Philippe Manoury.