concert-gesellschaft Köln e.V.

Long-standing friends of the Gürzenich Orchestra are active in the Cologne Concert Society, which was founded by music-loving citizens of Cologne in 1827 and has been an integral part of the orchestra's history since then. The Concert Society offers the Gürzenich Orchestra long-term flexibility and enables it to undertake new projects which exceed its financial resources.

In particular, the Concert Society supports half-year internships for young musicians, instrument purchases, engagements of outstanding soloists, CD recordings, tours, chamber concerts and the dazzling gala concert at the opening of the season.

Members enjoy attractive benefits:

  • visiting rehearsals
  • visible commitment
  • an exclusive chamber concert

Membership in the non-profit Society is open to anyone submitting a written declaration and an annual contribution of at least 100 euros (individual membership), 150 euros (married couples), 750 euros (companies and corporations) or 5,112 euros (trustees). Trustees are companies or private individuals and are automatically members of the Gürzenich Orchestra Sponsors Club.


Concert-Gesellschaft Köln e.V.
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