gürzenich orchestra sponsors club

The Gürzenich Orchestra Sponsors Club offers the business community an ideal platform for public support of Cologne as a musical centre, at the same time making use of the outstanding achievements of the Gürzenich Orchestra and its concerts for the benefit of their own brands. In addition, the Club brings its members in regular personal contact with each other, thus providing them with access to an exclusive community.

The basis of membership in the Club is a sponsorship agreement over several years as a Global Partner (250,000 euros per year) or Premium Partner (50,000 euros per year), which offers the partner valuable benefits that money cannot buy:

Brand and image
Concerts and events
Tours and projects
Contacts and network

We are proud to have acquired German Lufthansa AG as First Global Partner in 2010.


Patrick Schmeing
Geschäftsführender Direktor
Gürzenich-Orchesters Köln
+49 (221) 221 28229