Gürzi(c)René Siepmann

family concert

Music of Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, Humperdinck and many more
  • 17.12.2017 Sunday 11:00 h, Kölner Philharmonie Order online

Salome Kammer Voice
Gürzenich-Orchester Köln
Dalia Stasevska Conductor

With music by Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, Humperdinck and many more

The world is enchanted at the Christmas holidays. Bells tinkle behind closed doors, Christmas trees grow in the living room, and a touch of secrecy is in the air. Christmas is also the time of hopes and desires – and these are the focus of the »wish list« concert on the third Sunday of Advent. Musical stories of inklings and anticipation, of yearning and fulfilment will shorten the waiting time until Christmas Eve. At the Gürzenich Orchestra’s »wish list« concert, it is intended that the dreams of young and old come true. For this special occasion, the audience may make a wish even before the concert, selecting three classical pieces and three Christmas carols from the wish list. The deadline for sending them in is 31 Oct. 17 to . Those pieces that are wished for most frequently will be played at the concert.