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charity concert

In behalf of »Wir helfen« and »Lufthansa HelpAlliance« | Works by Ravel | Renaud Capuçon - violin, Gürzenich-Orchester Köln, François-Xavier Roth - conductor
  • 27.11.2016 Sunday 11:00 h, Kölner Philharmonie
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Maurice Ravel
»Alborada del gracioso« (1918)
»Rapsodie espagnole« (1907–1908)
»Tzigane« – rhapsody for Violin and Orchestra (1924)
»Valses nobles et sentimentales« (1911/1912)
»Boléro« (1928)

Renaud Capuçon violin
Gürzenich-Orchester Köln
François-Xavier Roth conductor

Maurice Ravel once said, “For us Basques, song and dance are as essential as food and sleep.” The famous French composer was born in the French Pyrenees, not far from the Spanish border, and emphasised his “Basque” origins throughout his life. At this year’s charity concert, the Gürzenich Orchestra’s Principal Conductor François-Xavier Roth is presenting a musical portrait of his famous countryman – as he did on evenings at the Cologne Opera with two staged lyric operas by Ravel, here too the “Spanish hour” will strike with Alborada del gracioso, Rapsodie espagnole and Ravel’s most famous work, Boléro. Dreamy contrasts are presented by the “noble and sentimental waltzes,” a character study of the waltz from Schubert to Johann Strauß. The acclaimed violinist Renaud Capuçon caps the program with the virtuoso highlight of Ravel’s Tzigane. Just as his “Spain” is an idealised Spain, so too is “Hungary” idealised in this setting. No one knew this better than Ravel: “Great music must always come from the heart.”

As in previous years, the proceeds of the charity concert will support the work of the “Wir helfen e. V.” of the Cologne publishing house DuMont-Schauberg and the worldwide local relief programs of “Lufthansa HelpAlliance.”